Trick of the Trade: the Bottle Brush

bottle brush from pitchforkdiaries.com

Never had one of these in my life until I had a kid.  Should have had one decades earlier.

(this is the one I own.  A friend recently captioned a photo on facebook of the same one, titling it "Ziggy Starbrush")

My bottle brush sits in our dish rack right next to the sink.  It is there to, as stated, wash baby bottles.  But over the past 21 months, I have found myself reaching for it again and again for lots of hard-to-scrub objects that were once dreaded chores.

  • Champagne flutes!  Formerly I tried all methods of reaching to try to scrub some dried dust out of the very bottom of these slender vessels--including several hot, soapy paper towels wrapped methodically around a chopstick.

  • All wine glasses!

  • Blender!  My beloved Vita Prep is my single most favorite appliance ever owned, but does not have a removable bottom.  The bottle brush works perfectly.

  • Flower vases! Particularly long and slender ones.  Particularly if the flowers have been sitting in it for a week.

  • Mason jars!  (Any jars.)

These really should be marketed farer and wider than baby registry check-lists.

Any other brilliant uses you've come across?  Let me know in the comments.



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