new beginnings.

Food stylin'.  A dendrobium orchid garnish on my tray of hospital food--my first solid meal after giving birth a few weeks ago.  And yes, that is a bacon cheeseburger.  Don't judge.  It was a very long night.

Well, I wouldn't have had a sudden long hiatus of blog posts, particularly through the biggest food holidays of the year, if I didn't have a very good reason.

I gave birth to my first child, an astonishingly cute baby boy, in mid-November.  Since then, time with both hands free to type and test recipes has been scarce.  And I'm so enjoying taking some time to really relish all of these new beginnings.

However, I am missing blogging for all of you a great deal, and will be back very shortly.

In the meantime, you can also check in with me on twitter (@pitchforkdiary) and facebook (www.facebook.com/pitchforkdiaries).

And I have my first (!) food piece in print in the winter issue of the gorgeous Green Door magazine.  It is a tutorial on how to make preserved lemons, and this recipe for Pumpkin Tagine.

I'd also love to hear any questions you have or what you'd like to see coming up.

Please check back soon--great things are coming.  Happy 2012!

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Catie Baumer Schwalb is a chef, food writer and photographer, who splits her life between the city and the country. Not too long ago Catie was a New York City based actress and playwright for more than a decade. She has her Master of Fine Arts from the National Theater Conservatory, and her Grand Diplôme in classic culinary arts from the French Culinary Institute in New York City. ... Read More

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